Amber Trust - Health Trainer Service

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Telephone 01773 742051
Fax 01773 599512
Wellington Street
Purpose Amber Trust is a social care charity promoting mental well-being, providing support services to adults with mental ill health enabling them to live successfully in their local communities.

Health Trainer service; to encourage and motivate people to lead healthier lifestyles
Our Health Trainers are based across the County offering help to individuals who want to make healthier lifestyle changes with a focus on six main areas:

- Stopping Smoking
- Eating healthily
- Maintaining a healthy weight
- Reducing alcohol intake
- Increasing physical activity
- Improving motivation and self esteem

Health Trainers can support people by:

- Offering one to one support to people and providing clear up to date information about health and wellbeing
- Finding out information about local services for people and ’signposting’ to them
- Accompanying people to attend appointments and activities
- Offering support and encouragement to achieve a personal health plan
What they do
  • Advice/information/advocacy/legal
  • Alcohol/ substance abuse/addiction
  • Befriending or mentoring
  • Disability support/access
  • Education/training
  • Health - General
  • Health - Mental Health
  • Social care
  • Social groups/clubs
  • Volunteering
Who they work with
  • People with mental health issues
Geographical area coverage Amber Valley,Derbyshire
Space for Hire Yes
Opening Times The Health Trainer Service is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Eligibility Criteria Our services are for people experiencing mental ill health. Must be over the age of 18 years. Referral by a healthcare professional.
Meeting Place Our support services are Derbyshire wide.
Service Costs If eligible, our services are free; the service is funded by NHS Derbyshire
Is a registered charity? Yes
Charity Number 1070210
Is a registered company? Yes
Company Number 3458720

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