Trident Reach Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Services

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PO Box 6737
    • Helen Litherland
    • 07584500563
    • Service Leader Derbyshire
    • Anna Preston
    • 07557002053
    • Manager
Purpose To support victims of domestic abuse and those impacted or affected by domestic abuse.
Services The services we provide are Adult Housing Related Domestic Abuse Support delivered within South Derbyshire and Erewash and Children and Younger Adults Domestic Abuse Outreach Support delivered in Amber Valley, Erewash, South Derbyshire and South Dales.

Our housing related support service provides accommodation based and floating support to both men and women, with or without their children. We provide emergency accommodation to those who need to flee due to domestic abuse. This is inclusive of refuge accommodation and dispersed accommodation.

The floating support is offered in the communities of South Derbyshire and Erewash and can be accessed by those who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse who are 16 and above. This is provided in the person's home or a safe place within the community. These services are available to all male and female victims.

Our Children and Younger Adults Support Service provides outreach sessions supporting children and young people living in the community and also provides support to those who currently reside in refuge accommodation. The support sessions are delivered as group work and also 1-1 sessions focussing on positive relationships and use a variety of person centred tools and methods to support dealing with domestic abuse. The support is time limited to an average of 6-8 sessions but this can be extended if the child or young person needs more sessions.
What they do
  • Abuse and survivor support
  • Children - Parenting & Families
  • Domestic violence
  • Housing or homelessness
Who they work with
Geographical area coverage Amber Valley, Erewash, South Derbyshire,South Dales
Space for Hire No
Opening Times Support is available when needed, we work 365 days a year and the service is accessible 24 hours a day through on call and face to face support.
Eligibility Criteria Adult Housing Related Domestic Abuse Support - adults aged 16 and above, male or female in South Derbyshire and Erewash. Younger Adults Domestic Abuse Outreach Support - children and younger adults 0-18 years old in Amber Valley, Erewash, South Derbyshire and South Dales.
Service Costs Service charge in refuge which covers gas/electric, water, TV license and gardening services - £20 and rent charges but these are mostly covered by housing benefit.
Is a registered charity? Yes
Charity Number 1129187

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