Transition Derby UK

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Telephone 01332 384087
349 Burton Road
DE23 6AH
Purpose Transition Derby looks positively and enthusiastically towards a future steadily descending energy consumpton. A future in which we work collectively and value each other. With the prospect of the demise of cheap oil, we invite you to join with us as we take the issues of Peak Oil and Climate Change into our own hands. We believe that by unleashing our collective genius, we can creatively plan toward and influence Derby's energy descent and encourage viable ways of greener living which are more connected, more enriching and which recognise the biological limitations of our planet. The Transition approach is fresh in that it integrates local and global issues that we as a community face in a down to earth way.
What they do
  • Advice/information/advocacy/legal
  • Community development
  • Education/training
  • Environment/climate change
  • Health - General
Geographical area coverage Derby City
Space for Hire No

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