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  • Derbyshire Dales CVS
  • Janet Smith
  • 01629 812154
Purpose The following objectives are taken from our Charity Commission Constitution.

1.To build relationships between individuals and families in the village of Youlgrave, UK and Bangbutt and other villages in Sierra Leone.
2. To raise funds to help the villagers to build and develop their communities.
3. To send gifts, where appropriate, to support the whole communities. e.g. equipment for the school.
Services We provide financial help to a number of villages in Sierra Leone, especially involving wells and sanitation. We are also currently helping to train birth attentants.
Who they work with
  • Black - African
Geographical area coverage Sierra Leone
Space for Hire No
Opening Times Our committee meets regularly in Youlgrave, usually in committee members' homes, to discuss any necessary issues and to plan fund raising events.
Eligibility Criteria For our African friends in Sierra Leone.
Meeting Place Youlgrave
Service Costs N/A
Is a registered charity? Yes
Charity Number 1101283

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