Love Knows No Gender (LGBT Youth Forum)

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Telephone 01332 207704
Fax 01332 207704
c/o Derbyshire Friend
7 Bramble Street
Purpose LGBT Youth Forum (Love Knows No Gender) is a youth group aimed to give a voice to LGBT (Lesbian, gay, Bisexual and Transgender) youth. The forum organises weekly youth group, offers advice, support and information, training and consultancy, peer youth development and publication of LGBT Youth Newsletter.
What they do
  • Advice/information/advocacy/legal
  • Befriending or mentoring
  • Campaigning/lobbying
  • Carer support
  • Community development
  • Domestic violence
  • Education/training
  • Health - General
  • Health - HIV/AIDS
  • Health - Mental Health
  • Human rights/civil liberties/equalities
  • Volunteering
Who they work with
  • Sexuality (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual)
Geographical area coverage Derby City, Part(s) of Derbyshire
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