Telephone 01332 518618
Vox Femnarum: Women's Voices
The Mandela Centre
179 Pear Tree Rd
DE23 8NQ
Purpose The overarching aim of Vox Feminarum is to place issues affecting women and girls, irrespective of disability (mental health, learning or physical), ethnicity, race, religion/faith, disability, sexual orientation, social class or age back on the agenda to challenge the status quo. On a local, Derby/Derbyshire level we celebrate and showcase the achievements, resilience and contribution of women and girls and focus light on the challenges faced by women and girls by telling HER STORY and by creating a coherent vehicle through which women and girls voices can be heard and celebrated. Objectives: 1. To raise funds to support and develop projects and activities which enhance and engender wellbeing and the inclusion of women and girls from all walks of life. 2. To be a meaningful vehicle in the struggle for equality through advocacy, training, capacity building and activism in the UK. 3. To maintain a dialogue (directly and indirectly) between women and women's representative groups both at home and all over the world by highlighting concerns and the issues which affect women's lives and livelihoods. 4. To be part of the collective of organisations who work with, and, for women and girls for whom basic rights are yet to be realised and for those women and girls affected by the kind of discrimination which results in the glass ceiling and objectification by creating resources, raising awareness and maintaining and inclusive agenda.
What they do
  • Arts/Crafts/Culture/Music
  • Community development
  • Education/training
  • Faith/religion
  • Women
Who they work with
  • Asian or Asian British (any)
  • Black or Black British (any)
  • Mixed/multiple Heritage (any)
  • Other ethnic group
  • White (any)
Geographical area coverage Derby City,Arboretum
Space for Hire No

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