Telephone 01433 620507
    • Lesley Bentley
    • Secretary
Purpose To provide a regular or daily phone call to check all is well and provide a friendly contact with the outside world. Hope Careline is a voluntary organisation that works to improve the welfare of people who are frail, disadvantaged, elderly, disable or who feel isolated in any way in Hope and surrounding areas.
Services A check that all is well and a friendly chat
What they do
  • Befriending or mentoring
  • Other
Who they work with
  • Older people 50+
Geographical area coverage High Peak,Part(s) of Derbyshire
Space for Hire No
Opening Times Mornings 9am - 11am 7 days per week
Eligibility Criteria Anyone who feels lonely or isolated, would be re-assured by regular phone contact and perhaps find it difficult to get out. Must have a phone and a relative or neighbour to contact in an emergency
Meeting Place Phone calls are made form Hope to the user in their own home
Service Costs No charge

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