Trident Reach - The People's Charity - Young Peoples Media Course

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Chrysanthemum Court
Plummer Road
DE11 0RG

The Creative
Media Course here at Chrysanthemum Court is tailored to what you want to do. As
long as it falls within the media subject area we can help you with it. If you
decide to join us you’ll have the chance to get hands on experience with professional
equipment such as cameras, recording equipment, editing software, high quality
computers and much more. And if that’s not enough we’ll take trips to recording
studios, radio stations and other media based places. Sessions run for 10 weeks
and at the end of the course you’ll have a chance to show off your work to the

During this course you will gain a
clear understanding of the importance of the mass media for the modern world. You
will learn how to break down and uncover the changing techniques of different kinds
of media and the ways that they find and communicate information to give us
entertainment. Breakdown of media types through the study of journalism, radio,
film, television, performing arts, music and the Internet. By the end of the 10 weeks you will
not only have made work of your own but will have also been taught how to
market yourself for the industry, how to create a show reel, demo or portfolio
of your work and receive pointers on how to effectively add your achievements
to your CV.

This course
aims to give you the chance to create your own media work using resources that
would not usually be available to you. The ten week course is very flexible; you
will focus on an area of your choice (i.e. filmmaking, writing, music, etc.)
and then you can showcase your work at the end of the ten weeks. If you are
unsure of what area you wish to work in, we can help you discover what you’re
best at. We want to make sure everyone is on the track they want to be on and
we will do our best to make sure that happens. 

What they do
  • Arts/Crafts/Culture/Music
  • Education/training
  • Housing or homelessness
  • Other
  • Press & Media
  • Social groups/clubs
  • Unemployment
  • Young people's groups/activities
Who they work with
  • Children/young people aged 11-17
  • Young people aged 18-25
Geographical area coverage Derbyshire, East Midlands
Space for Hire No
Opening Times Mon-Fri 9-5
Eligibility Criteria 16-24 year olds only.
Service Costs Free
Is a registered charity? Yes
Charity Number 1129187

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