63rd Derby Scout Group (Darley Abbey)

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Description The 63rd is currently very active, comprising Beavers, Cubs and Scouts troops, guided by eight enthusiastic leaders. In addition to the active members above (>100), we have an Executive Committee of very committed people drawn from the Scouting Families and Scout Leaders and a large body of supporters who contribute to our events in many ways. We continue to enjoy a thriving community with a waiting list for all three Sections (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts). Our members are involved in national, international and regional activities (recently Peak 2015, Beaudesert Spring Bank Camp and Beaver Bonanza at Drum Hill) and have excellent relationships with other Scouts groups, youth organisations and community organisations in the area. One of our greatest assets is the support of ‘Scouting Families’ in the village (past and present) who consistently contribute to our continued success. Through their efforts, our members enjoy a complete and fulfilling experience of Scouting and our outreach into the wider community is effective on very many levels. Our fund-raising activities for the first century or so have focussed on our immediate needs (which we have always met) but circumstances since the Methodist decision to sell the building in 2015 have changed our outlook considerably. Following an Extraordinary General Meeting in December 2015, we have been concentrating on fundraising options with which to buy the former Methodist Church as a permanent Scout Hall. We are now convinced that this is both achievable and a realistic and desirable goal for the 63rd Scouts, over the coming years. Please see our Save our Hall page to see how this is going, and how you can help.
Email 63rdderbyscoutshall@gmail.com
Website http://www.63derbyscouts.co.uk/
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