Trevayler, Richmond Fellowship

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Telephone 01332 348080
Fax 01332 348080
309 Burton Road
DE23 6AG
    • Christine Lawrence
    • 01332 348080
    • Service Manager
Purpose 2Care Trevayler provides innovative, community based rehabilitation and recovery services for people with long term mental health conditions predominantly from the East Midlands area.

Trevayler is a specialist unit offering 24 hour support for adults aged 18-65 years old who want to drive their own recovery from mental illness within a safe environment. 2 Care's model of rehabilitation and recovery draws on elements of therapeutic community culture and incorporates a person centred approach.
Services Three-phase mental health rehabilitation and recovery services designed for people who need 24 hour support, with opportunities for greater independence as they progress through the programme.
What they do
  • Counselling/therapy
  • Health - Mental Health
  • Housing or homelessness
Who they work with
  • People with mental health issues
Geographical area coverage Derby City,Abbey
Space for Hire No
Opening Times 24 hours
Eligibility Criteria People age 18 to 65 years who are suffering from enduring menatl illness and are wanting to drive their own recovery within our model of service.
Meeting Place 2Care Trevayler, 309 Burton Road, Derby DE23 6AG
Is a registered charity? Yes
Charity Number 207893

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